Visit the Caves 

Shelter Trachilas: The wonderful and magnificent this three storey cave located in the district of the cervix.

Vatsinidi: 25m. right from Kardamili-Agios Nikolaos road is the cave Vatsinidi. It has two entrances secured to the wall to protect residents resorted to it and two huge rooms with large saltwater lakes and other smaller related corridors.

Shelter Selinitsa: Near Agios Nikolaos on the way to Trahila is the cave shelters. Shells and bones found, indicating that used for housing and places of worship.


Viros Gorge

On the west side of Taygetus, in the heart of Mani, we find the gorge of Viros, which offers beautiful walks, where the visitor can admire the splendor of nature and see a lot of human intervention remains from different periods, as the area was a watchtower and refuge in the Middle Ages, the Turks, and the German occupation.

The gorge starts from the village of Agios Panteleimonas, has a length of 19 km., And along the way we meet walnut cypresses, firs and pines until you reach the sea.

Ridomo Gorge

Gorge Ridomo starts from Taygetus and ends at the coast Santova. It has a rich flora, caves, vertical slopes and impressive color rocks. It is one of the most famous and large canyons of Messinia. Hike in Ridomo, apart from its natural beauty, the visitor will encounter traces of human presence, which was strong here, as the canyon was once a passage connecting their residents with Laconia: Beautifully preserved cobbled streets and arched bridges compose a beautiful scene, while you will also see the fields once cultivated by the inhabitants, and residues from the ascetics pass.