Agios Nikolaos or Selinitsa is a picturesque harbor outside Mani, 3 km. From Stoupa and 49 km from Kalamata, which now serves as a wharf and anchorage for fishing boats and fishing boats. It is a small, beautiful and quite peaceful village ideal for holidays, rest and relaxation all year round.

Agios Nikolaos has super market, pastry shop, bike rentals, gas station, pharmacy and health center. You can browse the Ag. Nikolaos on foot to experience the beauty of the village and enjoy unique local specialties in the taverns of the village.

The Ministry of Culture has declared Historical Monument user Skalkos property building, an important monument to study the history of space architecture. Remarkable churches of Agios Myronas Agios Nikolaos, where it was named village.

From Agios Nikolaos you can make many trips to the surrounding areas and to experience the magical and full of mystery Mani. Browse the Canyon Tepenis, visit the Stupa with crowded beaches and traditional Kardamili. Also you can visit the caves of Dirou which are only 40 km.

For climbers, from Agios Nikolaos start many mountain trails still end up in the top of Taygetos. Do not forget to walk the gorge of Viros, length 20 km., Which are carved the tombs of Dioskouroi, and the sources of Viros river.